Desktop Shortcut

Create Desktop Shortcut with ease. Desktop Shortcut for Power Management of Computer such as Shutdown, Hibernate, Restart, etc. Create Desktop Shortcut for Closing Open Windows, Opening Control Panel, to web pages, and many other features. Desktop Shortcut creation supported on Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7. Download your copy of Desktop Shortcut Software and save Mouse Clicks.

Screenshot of Desktop Shortcut on Desktop

Desktop Shortcut for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer


Desktop Shortcut to Restart Computer


Desktop Shortcut to Hibernate Computer


Desktop Shortcut to Eject optical Drive

Eject CD

Desktop Shortcut to Lock Computer

Lock Computer

Close Firefox with Shortcut

Close Firefox

Close Internet Explorer with Shortcut

Close Internet Explorer

Shortcut to Log Off Signed on User

log off

Show Desktop Shortcut

Show Desktop

Switch Off Monitor with Shortcut

Switch Off Monitor

Desktop Shortcut for Vista, Windows 7

Shortcut to Suspend Computer

Suspend Computer

Desktop Shortcut to Mute Master Volume

Mute Volume

Shortcut to Mute / Un-Mute Master Volume

Mute / Un-mute Master Volume

Decrease Volume with Shortcut

Decrease Volume

Increase Volume with Shortcut

Increase Volume

Desktop Shortcut for Windows 7

Coming soon


Shutdown offers software utilities to power off, auto shutdown, idle shutdown, scheduled shutdown, timed shutdown, shutdown timer, all at one place with simple and easy to use software utilities for windows operating system (e.g Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc). Shutdown functionalities offered are categorised such as Shutdown Daily, Idle Shutdown, Vista Shutdown, etc. Simple, Easy to use, inexpensive, cheap, free to try windows utilities.

Dual Monitors for Desktop

Dual Monitors / Displays for Desktop offers software utility to change monitor background, control monitors and more. Download dual display software.

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